Educational Buildings

In SCHARFE-SICHT, we strongly believe that to deliver a complete remarkable educational experience you need to make sure that students, staff, parents and everyone, everywhere inside your institution are safe and secured, and that they feel it. Now it`s easier to achieve that with our efficient and cost-effective surveillance and access control systems.

You will be able to control physical access to “Authorized persons only” areas and do timing access. Also, you can have great video surveillance services that provide you with superb behavior analysis that can detect entrances & exits with our smart cameras that detects faces and save images. Moreover, you can easily Keep track of objects in storage areas and detect objects removal to make sure everything is where it should be. With SCHARFE-SICHT you can rest assure that safety and security are professionally served.

• Visual recordings in HDTV image quality

• Video surveillance solution

• Remote monitoring and alerts

• Intelligent analytics, alerts and integration

• Cost effective physical access control

• Public view monitor systems

• Loss prevention analytics tools

Educational buildings Products: