Data Centers Solutions

In SCHARFE-SICHT, we know for sure that in today`s word Data is Power; And securing it is our job

With SCHARFE-SICHT you can control physical access to critical areas and have great video surveillance services that provide you with superb behavior analysis that can detect entrances & exits with our smart cameras that detects faces and save images. And because every object matters in data centers you can also keep track of objects and detect object removal and any scene change. We don`t stop here, for ultimate security you can also detect audio exceptions and even the slightest changes in camera focus. And with our PTZ you will be able to identify people across wide areas using pan, tilt and zoom to observe clearly specific areas of interest. • Visual recordings in HDTV image quality • Video surveillance solution • Remote monitoring and alerts • Intelligent analytics, alerts and integration • Cost effective physical access control • Public view monitor systems • Loss prevention analytics tools

Data centers products: