Hotels & Restaurants

In SCHARFE-SICHT, we believe in luxury experience! That`s why we are here to deliver the latest powerful solutions which allows you to run your business easily but professionally. This means you can manage checks-ins, check-outs and Storage units. and achieve loss prevention, risk and liability mitigation, workplace violence protection and much more…

On Entrances, Exists, Halls, Floors and Lobbies:

To ensure a peaceful luxurious experience; SCHARFE-SICHT offers solutions to Identify suspicious behavior long before any trouble happens. Prevent loss with actions based on seamlessly monitoring and recording of floors, halls and critical areas. Guard assets and simultaneously ensures customer’s comfort and security. • Video surveillance solution • Loss prevention analytics tools • Public view monitor systems • Automated triggered audio clips • Integrated public address solution

Storage, Lockers and Staff areas:

With SCHARFE-SICHT you can effectively control access to critical areas and assure that only authorized people have access while automatically capturing the action of people entering those areas in real time. Keep track of what is placed in lockers and storage rooms in an accurate way and have documented, high-quality footage that tracks where everything is. • Cost effective physical access control • Intrusion alert • Visual recordings in HDTV image quality

Hotels & Restaurants products: