Retail Solution

In SCHARFE-SICHT, we try to understand the everyday-changing needs of retailers. Therefore, we offer solutions to cover retailers concerns about • Preventing loss • Protecting assets and properties • Avoiding risks and liabilities • Eliminate violence against employees and customers SCHARFE-SICHT offers solutions that help you keep information safe, document each transaction, collect data about the store activity, and protect you and your customers at all times.

Sales section

With your cooperation with us, Scharfe-Sicht, the road to loss prevention, store management optimization and the over-all improved store performance. Our solutions include: • Video surveillance solution • Loss prevention analytics tools • Public view monitor systems • Integrated public address solution

Entrances and exits

With SCHARFE-SICHT’s inventory management solutions, you will be able to identify, prevent and reduce shrinkage. SCHARFE-SICHT offers solutions that include • POS integration with video management system • Cross detection • Object removal • Alert systems

Personnel Only areas

You probably have a “Personnel Only” area in your retail store, a break room, a meeting room maybe. All which you need to keep, as the name implies, for personnel only. Therefore, SCHARFE-SICHT offers you solutions that include • Physical access control • Cross detection • BAB

Storage and warehouse

With SCHARFE-SICHT make sure that every move, delivery, or pick up action is a data collected, reviewed and tracked. SCHARFE-SICHT offers you great solutions for your storage place and warehouse which include: • Integrated VMS system • Loitering alert

Available Products for Retail Solutions