Government Solutions

In SCHARFE-SICHT, we are focused on helping government in facing challenges, threats, and criminal actions. Our government solutions are focused on:

1. Protecting the public and its properties

Public safety and security are always on the top of the list for governments. For a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions, SCHARFE-SICHT provides IP video surveillance to create a safer and more secure ambiance within public areas such as: • Public outdoor areas • Ministries and city halls • Customs and immigration offices • Museums • Court buildings and prisons • Transportation hubs and infrastructure

2. Offering multiple benefits at the same time

Based on open IP standards, SCHARFE-SICHT offers a cost-efficient and future-proof surveillance cameras. In addition, they bring: • Prompt identification and situation analysis • Cost-efficient integration and maintenance • Eliminate vandalism and street graffiti • Direct access to live and/or recorded images • Ease of integration with other IP-based systems

3. Raise the efficiency of the existing CCTV based solutions

Almost all governments around the world have already installed security solutions. SCHARFE-SICHT offers an easy transition to a modern, IP-based surveillance system. This way, without having to start from scratch, a government can use the existing CCTV investments the same time they benefit from the many advantages of network video technology. As a result, they now have a scalable and future-proof surveillance system. SCHARFE-SICHT offers secure protection to public buildings of all sorts - e.g. museums, offices, libraries and more -, to prevent crimes and graffiti with the help of our surveillance solutions placed strategically and conspicuously at eye level – inside and outside of all governmental premises.

Available Products for Government Solutions