Banking & Finance Solution

It is extremely crucial for maintaining safety and security of the money and bank employees. Therefore, in SCHARFE-SICHT, we are focused on helping financial institutions face everyday challenges, from robberies, thefts, frauds, and break-ins. While bank branches are costly to maintain, a bank branch, or rather a widespread network of them, offers benefits to both customers and the bank itself. Not only does this allow customers to stop somewhere to have their needs met, but it also raises awareness for the bank’s brand and, in the end, makes it money.

Analyzing and interpreting bank branch performance

SCHARFE-SICHT solutions for banks and financial institutions help you to understand and improve branch performance with help of people counting, and occupancy video analytics. Both to improve branch performance, and improve customer experience. We offer solutions to help banking institutions collect and analyze information about the operations and customers in the retail branch. Thus, guarantying the protection of customers, staff, and assets, while keeping costs under control and improving the bank experience.

Branch services

While banking will always offer similar services such as loans, deposits, earning interest – we are in a time when banks need to distinguish themselves from other through great customer service.

Video analytics

can be a valuable extension to the video surveillance solution a bank already has, and can play a fundamental role in achieving an extraordinary experience for today and tomorrow.

Enhance customer experience

For an enhanced customer experience, SCHARFE-SICHT can offer a range of intelligent video applications for our cameras that includes: • People counting • Line crossing • Object removal • Face recognition / mood detection

Available Products for Banking & Finance