home Scharfe-Sicht and its partners share one essential mission: We are determined to always fulfil our customers’ individual needs for intelligent Security Solutions and Smart-Tracking Technologies and to full extent in order to "secure what matters". We achieve this through the combination of distinct Know-How, “German Discipline” + Efficiency and a constant strive toward re-invention, improvement and adaption in the Technological Engineering World. Scharfe-Sicht prides itself with providing its customers with reliable high-end Security Solutions for a wide variety of implementations at all times. In order to ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we closely cooperate with a considerately selected team of professional partners



Idenfit is a new generation, cloud-based Human Resources and Workforce Management Software that enables you to manage your employee and operations in the most efficient way under one single user-friendly platform. The Idenfit HR Software allows you to track down the present location of employee along with the information on their workday’s schedule, appointments and accomplishments. Idenfit answers the questions “What tasks have been completed by Who When Where and How?”. The Idenfit cloud-based platform SaaS can be applied to all types of businesses and provides 24/7 remote access to your infrastructure workforce. You can access Data anytime from anywhere over the internet.

For more information on Idenfit, visit the Idenfit website.

Bab iot


Implementations of Access and Tracking Systems have become essential for many companies recently due to its great advantage of location detection of objects or persons. Bab serves RF Technology with refined design which allows users to unlock doors and have fast access. It also provides real time location information that enables users to keep track of access location and time easily. The Bluetooth Systems are cheap, easy to set up + maintain and can

be used as many different solutions, e.g. for managing access control, time & attendance, indoor tracking, RTLs, Social Distancing, Room Capacity and more.

For more information on Bab, visit the Bab website.