About Us: Scharfe-Sicht GmbH

Scharfe-Sicht GmbH for Security Solutions is a German-based manufacturer of its own brand of high-end Closed-Circuit Television and Internet Protocol Camera Technology Solutions (CCTV & IP), as well as Network and Digital Video Recorder Solutions (NVR & DVR).


It is based in the “Ruhrturm”, a well known and respected business centre located in the heart of the Metropohle Ruhr in Essen, Norh-Rhine Westphalia Germany. The Scharfe-Sicht brand strongly represents German Engineering Quality Standards: the company name ‘Scharfe-Sicht’ literally translates to “sharp vision”. Providing our customers with high-end, reliable security solutions is our first priority at all times and we consistently strive towards innovation, re-invention and constant technical improvements. Choosing Scharfe-Sicht product solutions as your form of personal or economic surveillance protection is always the safest and most secure bet – we make securing your business our business!

In addition to its own line of camera products, Scharfe-Sicht also works closely together with the Idenfit Software for Human Resources and/or Workforce Management as well as Babiot Technologies for Access Control & Tracking Solutions. Both Smart Solutions can be combined with Scharfe-Sicht technologies and combinedly serve as the ultimate source of smart-surveillance and intelligent security. Scharfe-Sicht serves as distributor to both companies and guides their introduction onto the German market for security solutions.

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With the help of our professional and experienced team, we are always just one e-mail or one phone call away from solving your problems. contact us at:info@scharfesicht.com



We cooperate with reliable and professional delivery companies in order to deliver your products securely and efficiently - "To Secure What Matters! "



We continuously improve our R&D technologies - be assured that you are getting the latest and best quality with our products!